Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Administrative Assistant Direct 03/19/2018
Trust Portfolio Manager Direct 03/15/2018
Faculty - Mathematics Direct 03/15/2018
Human Resource Manager Direct 03/14/2018
General Accounting Direct 03/14/2018
Engineer 1 Inverness Internal Direct 03/12/2018
GIS Analyst Inverness Internal Direct 03/12/2018
Office Records Manager Direct 03/09/2018
Technology Support Specialist Ocala Internal Direct 03/09/2018
OCE Engineering Project Manager Direct 03/08/2018
Product Marketing Manager Direct 03/08/2018
Director of Utilities Direct 03/08/2018
Human Resources Director Direct 03/08/2018
Legal Assistant Direct 03/08/2018
Interactive Marketing Specialist Internal Direct 03/07/2018
Roads Superintendent Direct 03/06/2018
Director of Business Advocacy Direct 03/06/2018
Business Relations Coordinator Direct 03/06/2018
Finance Director Direct 03/06/2018
Utility Accounts Analyst (Water Resources) Direct 03/05/2018
Senior Client Account Manager Direct 03/05/2018
Computer Service Technician Direct 03/05/2018
Programmer/Analyst Direct 03/05/2018
Survey Chief Direct 03/05/2018
Instrument Person Direct 03/05/2018
Print & Design Specialist Direct 03/05/2018
Engineering Division Director (Public Works) Direct 03/05/2018
Manager - Instructional Services Direct 03/05/2018
Fine Arts Center Manager, Visual and Performing Arts Internal Direct 03/05/2018
Information Technology Quality Assurance Internal Direct 03/01/2018
Telecommunications Technician Direct 03/01/2018
CAD Technician Inverness Direct 03/01/2018
Professional Land Surveyor Inverness Direct 03/01/2018
Survey Crew Chief Inverness Internal Direct 03/01/2018
Survey Instrument Operator Direct 03/01/2018
Sr. CAD Designer EIT and PE Inverness Direct 03/01/2018
Senior Relay Technician Internal Direct 02/27/2018
Faculty - Communications Direct 02/20/2018
Digital Modeler Ocala Direct 02/08/2018
Business Systems Analyst ERP Direct 01/30/2018
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