Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Animal Center Veterinarian Ocala Regular 08/13/2018
Safety Manager Ocala Regular 08/10/2018
Microsoft Windows 10 Customer Support Assistant Ocala Talent Center Postings 08/10/2018
Community Services Manager Ocala Regular 08/10/2018
General Manager in Training The Villages Talent Center Postings 08/10/2018
General Manager The Villages Talent Center Postings 08/09/2018
Utility Accounts Analyst (Water Resources) Lecanto Regular 08/09/2018
Accounting Specialist III Ocala Regular 08/08/2018
Strategic Resources Project Manager Ocala Regular 08/08/2018
Financial Aid Specialist II Ocala Regular 08/08/2018
Staff Veterinarian Lecanto Regular 08/08/2018
Transition Specialist/Instructor Chiefland Regular 08/08/2018
Head of Engineering Department Ocala Regular 08/07/2018
Automotive Mechanic Teacher Ocala Regular 08/07/2018
Admissions Transition Manager Floral City Regular 08/06/2018
Public Services Library II Ocala Regular 07/31/2018
Development Services Manager Inverness Regular 07/31/2018
Animal Services Director Lecanto Regular 07/26/2018
Graphic Designer Ocala Talent Center Postings 07/25/2018
Educational Advisor Lecanto Regular 07/25/2018
Mechanical Engineer (Design) Ocala Talent Center Postings 07/24/2018
Network Systems Engineer-OPD Ocala Regular 07/24/2018
AutoCAD Technician Ocala Regular 07/20/2018
Graphic Designer Ocala Talent Center Postings 07/19/2018
Road Maintenance Director Lecanto Regular 07/18/2018
Software Support Specialist II Ocala Talent Center Postings 07/18/2018
Junior Software Developer Ocala Talent Center Postings 07/18/2018
Teacher Drafting Inverness Regular 07/16/2018
Information Systems Technician Chiefland Talent Center Postings 07/11/2018
District-Level Congressional Internship Ocala Internships Opportunities 07/06/2018
Bookkeeper / Executive Assistant Ocala Talent Center Postings 07/06/2018
Telecommunications Technician Ocala Regular 06/29/2018
Professional Land Surveyor Inverness Regular 06/29/2018
Survey Crew Chief Inverness Regular 06/29/2018
Special Projects Manager Ocala Regular 06/29/2018
Business Systems Analyst ERP Ocala Regular 06/27/2018
Server Support Technician Ocala Talent Center Postings 06/22/2018
Entry Level - Logistics Account Executive - Inside Sales Ocala Regular 06/20/2018
International Logistics Business Analyst - Air & Ocean Ocala Regular 06/20/2018
Director of Rail & Intermodal Services Ocala Regular 06/19/2018
Social Media Marketing Internship Ocala Internships Opportunities 06/14/2018
Fire Rescue Logistics Internship Ocala Internships Opportunities 06/13/2018
Agribusiness Intern - Paid Ocala Internships Opportunities 06/12/2018
Digital Website Specialist Ocala Regular 06/07/2018
Teacher (English, Math, Reading, Science) Ocala Regular 06/06/2018
Social Service Managers Ocala Regular 06/06/2018
Architectural Drafter Ocala Regular 06/06/2018
Assistant Director, Admissions Ocala Talent Center Postings 05/31/2018
Digital Media Marketing Internship Ocala Internships Opportunities 05/30/2018
Accounting Manager Belleview Regular 05/29/2018
Internal Auditor Inverness Regular 04/18/2018
Civil Engineer in Training Ocala Regular 04/13/2018
Human Resource Manager Ocala Regular 03/14/2018
OCE Engineering Project Manager III (Stormwater) Ocala Regular 03/08/2018
Sr. CAD Designer EIT and PE Inverness Regular 03/01/2018
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