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General Counsel

Location : Ocala
Job Type : Regular
Reference Code : 10840255
Hours : Full Time
Required Years of Experience : 3
Required Education : Juris Doctor
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :

This is a certified attorney's position. Supervises all aspects of the legal division, reviews all legal matters and assigns same on a case by case basis. Keeps Sheriff, staff, and all others concerned apprised of new or revised laws, rules, or regulations pertaining to Agency operations.


A. Abide by the "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics", and the "Disciplinary Rules and Ethical Considerations" contained in the "Code of Professional Responsibility".
B. Supervise personnel in the legal division.
C. Perform legal research regarding cases, rulings, and the laws affecting the functions ofthe agency.
D. Advise the Sheriff and Agency staff on various legal matters.
E. Prepare procedures, reports, and legal documents as required.
F. Review Agency written policies and procedures from a legal criterion and recommend changes where necessary. Keep up to date on any law or regulatory changes which require revisions to published Agency policy or procedures, and make sure proper persons are informed.
G. Review Agency training syllabus for both legal correctness and overall coverage from a legal standpoint, and make recommendations to the Training Director for improvements.
H. Keep up to date on new laws and court decisions applying to Law Enforcement and Corrections, and recommend training requirements.
I. Keep up to date on new or revised laws affecting operations of the Agency, including labor laws, fiscal requirements, reporting regulations, and so forth, and ensure knowledge of changes are disseminated to those affected.
J. Present training lectures and classes on various aspects of law enforcement procedures, such as arrests, search and seizure, investigation, civil liability, use of force, trial preparation and testifying, and so forth.
K. Aid in the preparation of arrest warrants, search warrants, and electronic intercept orders. Review such items prepared by others in the Agency.
L. Review all Green Team (IA Pro) reports and make appropriate recommendations regarding trends involving employee activity.
M. Maintain liaison with the office of State Attorney. U.S. Attorney, other police legal advisors, attorneys retained by the Sheriff in civil suits or other actions, and other professional organizations as may be designated by the Sheriff.
N. Be available on a 24 hour basis, either by phone or by way of the pager system.
O. Respond, when requested, to situations including but not limited to, shootings; civil disorders; hostage situations, and so forth.
P. Represent the Agency's legal standing in civil or criminal cases.
Q. Advise Internal Affairs personnel on internal investigations when requested.
R. Represent the Sheriff, if requested, at various civic or business functions.
S. Participate as directed in command level planning or special projects.
T. Keep the Sheriff informed on all legal matters pertaining to the Agency.
U. Perform any additional duties that may be required by the Sheriff or through necessity of situations

Required Qualifications :

Be a member, in good standing, of the Florida Bar.
Minimum of three years experience in the criminal justice system, which may include but is not limited to prosecutor, public defender, law enforcement manager, or civil liability.
Have a working knowledge of the criminal and civil laws of Florida and of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure.
Knowledge of the Marion County Ordinances
Knowledge of the Public Records Laws of Florida.
Possess a working knowledge of judicial procedure and Rules of Evidence.
Possess a valid Florida driver's license.

Maintain certification as an attorney and legal standing with the Florida Bar Association.
Maintain knowledge of criminal law additions and revisions.
Obtain and maintain knowledge of labor laws and worker's compensation rules.
Maintain a valid Florida driver's license for travel.

Normal office conditions. May be required to respond to field investigations from time to time.
Normal office hours, but subject to being called out at any hour in case of emergency, and may be required to work overtime when necessary.

Position is full time.

Salary: $3,306.32 - $4,136.54 Biweekly / $85,964.26 - $107,550.10 Annually

Skills :
Legal research Prepare legal documents Supervise, train, and evaluate staff performance
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